Lake Theater & Cafe began its life as a single-screen neighborhood cinema back in 1940. It has weathered its storms over the decades: in the 80s, the roof caving in was solved by splitting the venue into 2 auditoriums; in 1996, Lake Oswego flooded over and the business changed hands to its current owner; and in 2014, it received a total facelift, a kitchen, and a patio.

Much of our produce is grown and harvested on Happy Apple Farm in Oregon City, and every other ingredient on the menu is as local and sustainable as can be, from scratch when possible. Our business is certified a Leader in Sustainability by the county and we take the environment, and our future, seriously.

But we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and neither should you. Come by, relax with a movie, a meal, with a drink, with friends, with us.

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