food, drink,
and yes, movies

your friendly neighborhood
cinema / restaurant / bar
that is also on a lake
open 3:30 to 8 nightly

daily at   4:00*   7:30
in the main auditorium (ka-boom!)

*Thursday & Sunday’s 4pm shows will have subtitles turned on, Sunday’s 4pm show is actually in the event space

starts here Saturday, December 2nd
to play Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Thursday at   7:45
Wednesday at   4:00
in the event space
+ Sunday at   5:00
in the main auditorium

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at   4:30   7:45
Saturday & Monday at   4:30
in the event space


on hiatus – returns 12/6
but usually every Wednesday at   7:00
free admission (please tip the host!), limited capacity
more info here

John Nilsen Christmas Concerts
12/21 & 12/22 evening shows SOLD OUT
12/22 2pm show just added
tickets available here

Drink me!
this was a pizza special that’s not around anymore
hummus is on a lot of menus but ours is very very good hummus unlike the hummus on a lot of other menus
burger, gross
come see a movie!