food, drink,
and yes, movies

your friendly neighborhood
cinema / restaurant / bar
that is also on a lake
4pm to 8pm nightly

Saturday, Monday & Tuesday atΒ Β Β 5:00Β Β Β 7:30
in the main auditorium

can't put a real gun on a poster, eh?

daily at   4:30   7:00
in the event space
(except on Sunday it’s in the main auditorium)

starts Wednesday, April 5th
to play daily at   5:00   7:30
+ Saturday & Sunday at   2:30
in the main auditorium

It's the band


Two Stories CD Release Shows
Thursday 4/13 and Friday 4/14 at   7:00
tickets available here


every Wednesday (except April 5th) at   7:00
free admission, limited capacity
more info here

our pork shoulder sandwich, that curly pickled onion sticking out is just so darn cute!
the framing of this picture of our cocktails leaves something to be desired, maybe jordan will take a better one soon
this is our sausage pizza, looks like they went heavy on the sausage, lucky you!
hummus is on a lot of menus but ours is very very good hummus unlike the hummus on a lot of other menus
this was our radicchio salad, which is no longer on the menu and was never plated this way to begin with, but it's awfully pretty, yeah?
burger, gross
come see a movie!