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Thanks for visiting our website while we’re closed.

With Clackamas County approved for Phase 1 reopening of business operations, we are assessing what that means for us. No movies, no concerts, no private events, not yet: it either wouldn’t feel safe or it wouldn’t feel fun, and we want you to feel both when you’re with us. Our current plan is to reopen our patio only, to limited capacity (9 tables!), with limited hours and a limited menu, around June 11th, because that’s how fast we’re moving after having been cooped up inside all these months, and because it still feels weird reopening with the world as it is (e.g., coronavirus, unemployment, Breanna Taylor, George Floyd).

Lake Theater & Cafe

P.S. If you have a private event scheduled, know that if we’re open and your event meets whatever the standards are by then for a gathering of an acceptable size, we remain happy to host you. If you’re wanting to book a future event, inquire here.