Thanks for visiting our website while we’re closed.

We have no intention of moving to takeout-only anytime soon as we are of the opinion that until testing for COVID-19 is commonplace and our healthcare system is not on the precipice of being overrun, we need to do our part to protect ourselves and to protect you from any chance the virus may have to spread. Knowing to always be washing one’s hands is good and all, but it’s best for all to simply stock up and stay at home at this time.

If you’re accustomed to cooking from recipes and not being able to visit the grocery store every couple days is a challenge for you, Cal Peternell’s Twelve Recipes is an excellent resource for getting creative with what you have in the kitchen. If you’re serious about staying at home, MilkRun is an excellent delivery option that continues the important task of supporting local agriculture during this time. The virus is believed to last about a day on paper, a few days on plastic: keep this in mind with everything that comes into your home.

If you have purchased tickets for a cancelled concert and would like a refund, send us an email. The cost of any non-refunded tickets will be forwarded to—and appreciated by—the artists. The link for future concerts remains active though obviously we have no idea when we’ll be back open.

If you have a private event scheduled, know that if we’re open and your event meets whatever the standards are by then for a gathering of an acceptable size, we remain happy to host you. If you’re wanting to book a future event, inquire here.

Endless gratitude to the health care industry, social workers, parents, farmers, warehouse employees, delivery drivers, utility providers, and certain (certainly not all) politicians keeping our world spinning. 

All our best,
Lake Theater & Cafe