Seeing a Movie

Q: So you’re a restaurant and a movie theater. I guess I’m confused.

A: You can come to eat, you can come to a movie, you can do both at the same time or separately. Our two auditoriums are pretty distinct from one another, though: the main auditorium features plush seats in a stadium-riser setting, the event space features cabaret-style seating (tables, chairs) on the main level with traditional theater seats in the balcony.

When ordering to eat in the main auditorium, you’re given a pager. When your food is ready, the pager lights up and vibrates. If your food is ready before the previews start, we’ll bring it into you. Otherwise, you’ll come out and grab it. Food plated for the main auditorium comes on a tray that conveniently locks into your cup holder. If this all sounds complicated, don’t worry, we make it a painless process.

When ordering to eat in the event space, you’re given a number, and we’ll bring your food regardless of whether the previews / film have started. That said, you’ll want to be sitting on the main level if eating food: the seating in the balcony would mean you’d be eating off your lap.

Q: Where do I buy tickets?

A: At the counter, like everyone else!

Q: But there’s such a long line, everybody’s ordering food and I just want to buy tickets!

A: When a film is close to starting, we do our best to open the second register to get everyone in line only wanting tickets into the theater in time for the feature. Sorry it has to be this way, we appreciate your patience as we tend to the needs of the business as a whole.

Q: The showtimes on Google / Fandango / Flixster / [insert preferred search engine here] are different than those on your website—which do I trust?

A: ALWAYS trust our website. None of the above services allow us to report our showtimes directly to them. They get their information from some other aggregator, often times 2 or 3 iterations down the line, and so not only do they sometimes get our showtimes wrong, we have no ability to correct their mistake.

Q: Is there a way to be notified when you have a new movie?

A: We have an email list. And it’s fun / intelligent / informative, too, not at all the sort of junk you’d expect from a theater advertising its movies. Jordan usually only sends one out when we have a new movie, which is never more than once a week, and unsubscribing is easy. Click here to sign up!

Q: How do I buy movie tickets online?

A: Movies don’t really sell out here, so we only offer this option in exceptional circumstances (e.g., Star Wars). Instead, if you think it’ll be busy, just come down 30-45 minutes early, this way you’ll have your tickets AND first dibs on seats. You’re also always welcome to buy tickets in advance in person at our box office, but again, our own recommendation is to just arrive early for the show itself.