The Basics

Q: Do you sell gift cards?

A: But of course! Click here to head on over to our page with a Paypal link for online purchase.

Q: Where do I park?

A: The covered garage at Lake View Village Shopping Center (355 1st St) is free to the public and provides ample parking for area businesses. It’s never full and is only a 3-minute walk to the theater from here.

Another public lot is at the corner of Foothills Road and Highway 43, it’s a minute closer but has fewer spaces available.

Finally, limited parking is available in the two-level garage next door at Lakeside Plaza (8 N State St) after 5pm on weekdays and all day on Saturdays and Sundays.

There is a loading zone directly in front of the theater. Drop off your loved ones before you park and score bonus points* for your chivalry!

* points must be redeemed from loved ones, not the theater

Q: Do I have to see a movie to eat there?

A: Ha, no! We have indoor cafe seating and outdoor seating on our lakeside deck. That we have a film you’ll enjoy is not always a sure thing, but that we have food and drink you’ll enjoy is always guaranteed!

Q: So how does it all work?

A: We are a counter service restaurant. You grab a menu, you order at the counter, you take a seat, we bring you your food when it’s ready. If you want to order more, you head back up to the counter. Feel free to bus your own table as you leave!

Q: Can I make a reservation?

A: No, all our seating is first-come, first-served. If you’re coming for lunch, you don’t have to worry, it rarely fills up. If you’re planning on dinner at 6pm or later and the weather’s nice, that’s another story. There’s always seating available, you just might not get that lakeside, perfectly-shaded table you managed to snag last time.

Q: What about if I have a large group?

A: Our largest indoor table seats 10, our largest outdoor table seats 6. That said, guests frequently take it upon themselves to move tables around to accommodate whatever their size of group may be. Even still, the most seats you’re probably going to reasonably be able to pull together is 12, and that’s only when we aren’t particularly busy.

Q: So what, you’re saying you don’t want our business? I’m talking 30 people here, you’re gonna turn that down?

A: Did you know we rent out our event space, with the optional addition of a portion of our back deck? Our rates are affordable, our catering menu mirrors the approach of our normal menu, and you won’t have to wait in any pesky lines. But if you aren’t willing to rent out the event space, then no, we do not have accommodations for groups even close to this size.

Q: Do you guys do to go orders?

A: Yes, as long as it’s not crazy busy, we welcome to go orders. Call us at 503-387-3236, but if you’re calling and calling and no one’s answering, we’re likely crazy busy.

Q: Are you all ages?

A: Yes, we even have high-chairs and booster seats (and a kid’s menu) for the wee-wee ones. The only place where kids aren’t allowed is at the 8-or-so seats along the main bar.

Q: Are you wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes, we are ADA up-to-code back to when our renovations took place in 2014.

Q: Why don’t you guys provide table service?

A: It’s not what we do. We’re a casual place. We relish the opportunity to make you feel welcome / at home / et al., but assigning you a server is not the means by which we achieve this. Want table service? Try one of our neighbors!

Q: Do I tip?

A: Most guests do. We work as a team here, so all tips are pooled and split with the kitchen. Although we are not a full-service restaurant, our cooks, cashiers, runners, and bartenders all work hard to provide you with a quality experience. And we’re able to hold onto such a great staff—their talent, their personalities, their hard work—thanks very much in part to you showing them your appreciation.

Q: There’s such a long line… why do you only have one register open?

A: When the line gets of sufficient length and assuming we’re staffed for it, we’ll always open a second register for movie ticket and drink sales exclusively, for those patrons who have already ordered food or who aren’t ordering food. Otherwise, the reason for only one line is to not bury the kitchen with orders. We are not a fast food restaurant. However, as we are a counter service restaurant, we can essentially take orders just as quickly as a fast food joint could.

As for that “assuming we’re staffed for it” comment, understand that 90% of our business comes in the 30 minutes before each film’s showtime. We want to stay affordable for you and we want to turn a little profit for the owner, so we do run lean in terms of staff. For those 30 minutes, it can get a bit crazy, and yes, you may have to wait in a line. For the other hour-and-a-half, we’re cleaning and stocking, preparing for the next rush. Thanks for your willingness in being a part of the fun!