Contacting Us

Q: I keep calling and no one answers the phone!

A: Despite our successes, we are a small business and do not staff such that we’ll always be able to answer the phone. To that end, this is the very reason the FAQ page you’re reading now is so positively exhaustive. Try to find your answer here, email us and we’ll almost always reply within 12 hours, or keep calling.

Q: I want to talk to the manager.

A: The best way to get in contact with Jordan is via email.

Q: I want to talk to the owner.

A: Drew remains personally invested in the business, but it’s not like he hangs out here, and he’s got a lot on his plate besides. Best reach out to Jordan first.

Q: One of your staff just got lippy with me. What are you going to do to make this situation right?

A: First off, sorry!

We encourage our staff to be themselves on the job, and we hire with this in mind. We all can have off days. That said, we love our staff, respect them deeply, and until a pattern of behavior is established that any given employee’s customer service is fraying at the edges, we’ll always have our staff’s collective back. In other words, we’re sorry, it was probably just a misunderstanding, feel free to reach out to Jordan, but don’t believe going into this that your one experience will get anyone fired, because for your one perceived negative experience, there are likely countless positive ones nullifying it. And by no means do we not value your perspective—we’d love to hear it actually, there’s no such thing as too much feedback—it’s just that some guests approach us wanting to reprimand our staff as though they were children, and that’s just silly. Enjoy your stay!

Q: Are you hiring?

A: Things feel pretty good right now, but you’re always welcome to drop by to introduce yourself and drop off a resume.

Q: What’s Gene Hackman doing hiding under the sink next to a toilet?

A: Have you never seen The Conversation? The Conversation is a GREAT movie. Watch it sometime! There are lots of great movies out there, we just try to bring you the best of the current crop.