Private Screenings 🫂

Don’t yet feel comfortable sitting in a theater with people you don’t know? Or maybe you want to take all your friends, and just them, out to a movie? Though we aren’t opening up to the full breadth of private events until 2022, we’re happily offering private screenings to any of our current films NOW, albeit with all sorts of weird restrictions and a fairly high price tag.

First and foremost, proof of vaccination or a negative test result are required for yourself and all guests (visit the tickets page for full details).

Option #1: Come to a daytime show Monday through Thursday when we’d otherwise be closed. Your screening must end 1 hour before the first scheduled show of the day. The fee is $150 plus $8/person, you have your choice of either the main auditorium or the event space. Note: the kitchen and bar will be closed, outside food and drink is not allowed, but you’re welcome to buy concessions.

Option #2: Buy out one of our regularly scheduled performances, $550 for the main auditorium or $300 for the event space, Monday through Thursday only, and excluding holidays. The kitchen and bar will be open, it’ll be just like normal except no one else will be joining your party. This option requires arrangements to be made and payment received by Sunday for the Monday through Thursday still a whole week away (e.g., by Sunday 11/7 for bookings 11/15-11/18).

Still interested? Email with your request!

P.S. Movies we think we’ll be showing this fall: The French Dispatch (though we likely won’t get it until 11/5), Eternals, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, House of Gucci (or Encanto if it gets better reviews), West Side Story, Spider-Man: No Way Home