There are countless movie theaters around town. We differentiate ourselves in several ways but succeed most clearly with our food and our drink. Chef Scott cares not only about the environment, but also your health and the local economy, and since our inception he has fostered these values through partnerships with like-minded farmers whose ingredients form the basis of our from-scratch menu. Our beer and wine lists represent the best in the industry, curated with care; and our cocktails feature seasonal ingredients mixed with never-bottom-shelf spirits.

It is no longer about just going to the movies, or even about the movies at all: skip the film, come to eat, come to drink, come to soak in the view from our lakeside deck.

We get that with ALL we do, the potential exists for you to have many questions. Feel free to get in touch via email, or maybe we’ve already answered your question on our impossibly thorough FAQ page.

Meet the Team!