Farm to Fork


Hello out there!

Welcome to the Lake Theater & Cafe’s Farm to Fork page. It’s April and you know what they say, April showers bring May flowers, the rain also brings lots of veggies, and those veggies end up on your plate when you come to share a meal with us.

My goals on this page are to share with you, the reader, about who we are, what we’re growing, and our hopes for each season. I plan to introduce you to the chefs who love making food for you, the farmers who embrace the bounty they share, and the land that provides that opportunity.

I hope you visit often and take something positive away with you.

Chef Scott Andrew

Happy Apple Farm
(A piece of heaven here in the valley)

April 18 2019

There’s so much going on at the farm in the spring time. Ron spends a good portion of his days turning fields, planting starts, tending animals, and of course weeding… This year he has opened up a new field or rather made one field much larger. Like most farms he has issues with “pests” so he had to build a fence to keep the plants safe. Noah and I gave him a hand, though he could definitely have finished it himself, sometimes he just likes including us in things, I definitively don’t complain. This week we harvested the first of the arugula, and it tastes fantastic, peppery & earthy, yum yum… Things are really coming along fast, mid summer will be here soon, and the full bounty will be available to you. I can’t wait!

Noah and Ron working on the new fence.
Picked and ready to bring to the Theater.
Pea shoots!
After arugula and radishes finish these guys will be featured all over our menu.
Baby Brussels!
You won’t see these until fall, but they’re beautiful…

April 10 2019

Nettles are here!

For the past four years I have been foraging for nettles to use here at the theater. Nettles are one of the first things you’ll find growing on the forest floor in early spring. Some people may not know that these stingy little guys are actually very good for you, and they taste fantastic! Here are some photos of Noah and I gathering them together on one of the many buttes here in the Portland area (yes we wear heavy gloves and are very careful to not get stung) . Come on in and try something new, we’re hoping you like it!

My boy earning his keep 😉
Fruits of our labor.
Nettles, Wild Mushrooms, Fresh Garlic, Cream, Mozzarella, Provolone & Cana de Cabra.

April 8 2019

My son Noah and I visit Ron’s farm every Sunday. Noah has taken on some responsibility in raising the baby chickens, once old enough these birds will supply the Theater with eggs. The birds Ron has decided to raise this year are called “Rhode Island Reds” (the same kind I raised on my farm), they are great laying hens, and good meat birds as well, though Ron will not slaughter his birds (he gets too attached to them). Once the hens are about 4-5 months old they will start laying one egg every day until they reach the age of about 1 1/2, at that point they will lay every few days, and even less often as they age. Here are some pictures of the babies.

Sorry for the bad photo… When chicks are this young they huddle under the heat lamp, like they would their momma.
Babies just arrived!

So what do I do while Noah is tending the babies you ask? Well besides chatting with Ron about all sorts of cool stuff we build fences, weed beds, turn soil, pick veggies… You know farmer type stuff 😉

April 4 2019

This is the first full year we have partnered with Ron Oberg at Happy Apple Farm in Oregon City. Ron is a long time farmer here in the Portland area. His farm has been organic since the mid eighties. We are so happy to have him part of our family here at the theater, he is part of an ever growing group of people we share our time with who want a better world for us, our children, and generations to come.

Ron and I, he’s a class act.